Tips To Help You Create the Right Topic for Your Law Paper

Too much work goes into creating the perfect law report. Unfortunately, most students lack the skills and patience to go through the process. Heck, some even disregard school assignments.

Therefore, they never get to learn about creating a piece that converts. Luckily, the experts do. They use simple strategies like using arguments, sourcing information from the best sources, and creating captivating conclusions.

More so, they specialize in headline development. Thus, it would help your cause if you learned these tricks as well. All you must do is

  • Stick To Your Passion

Do you want to create killer content? Then you must find a subject you love. Recall, it is by exploiting your desires that you generate the best ideas. In short, dwell on what interests you. It will pay off and in a big way.

  • Consult The Experts

Are you stuck on finding a superb headline for your piece? Then you need to consult with the experts. Remember, the professionals thrive because of passion and ideas.

Nonetheless, they are more than capable of getting you out of your predicament. Alternatively, you can use the law library to your advantage. For the record, a few book titles might inspire you into a subject no one else has exploited before.

  • Avoid Re-inventing The Wheel

Let us face it. People produce law-related articles every other day. Therefore, it would be irresponsible for you to generate material that already exists.

Even worse, it would punch a significant blow on your academic score if you plagiarized content.

It is for that reason you must do my research paper for me and take time to generate the right headline for your work. Alternatively, use the latest software to find a headline that is unique and exciting to read.

  • Choose A General Area And Narrow Down 

Are you interested in finding a unique tagline for your law report? Then it would be best if you found a general area that excites you. You should then list down at least five topics that you love.

Next, it would be helpful if you narrowed down to a tagline with a sub-niche that interests you. Remember, using the funnel-technique enables you to create a title you will be passionate enough to pursue.

  • Read And Research Widely

Do you know what constitutes a superb headline? Uniqueness counts every step of the way. That said, you must read widely.

Remember, you become a rational thinker when you immerse yourself fall in love with books. Additionally, reading empowers you with unique ideas. You only have to find an angle of exploiting them.

  • Use Circuit Splits

Did you know that circuit splits are an asset when choosing an ideal topic for your law report? They generate the right ideas for you. Above all, circuit splits help you narrow down to a tag that is relevant to your niche.

  • Brainstorm

Finally, it would be best if you challenged your brain to think deeply. After all, deep thoughts generate the right ideas for you. More so, you can provide value for readers by producing content that dazzles the mind.


A law paper is quite a complex read. Moreover, it takes a writer a lot of time and energy to create. However, the success of the article depends on the headline used. It is for that reason the professionals encourage you to familiarize yourself with the above-listed pointers.

They will help you develop a tagline you can pursue without getting bored. More so, a superb headline will guarantee you of many reference points. Above all, an excellent title attracts the reader from a mile away.

Seven Best Eco Blogs You Need to Follow

Putting your blog out into the world and being hopeful that your talent will speak for itself can be a huge challenge. Being aware of your target audience is a big part of making a successful blog, always keeping them at the forefront of your mind. The best eco blogs understand the lifestyle and what people are looking for.

So many famous bloggers have said some exciting things, but there is something about those that continuously live out the ideals of the ecosystem. We are naturally following dozens of blogs on a range of various topics, but having been set to find the ones who are sharing practical insights on how to change the world around us and live out sustainability through simple daily decisions will prove very resourceful.

Such eco blogs include topics like sustainable living, ethical fashion, organic and healthy food tips, and advice for activists, recipes and much more! Below is a list of the seven best blogs you need to follow to give you valuable inspiration, advice, and as well motivating you to take action and start.


  1. Mother Nature Network

Mother Nature Network, or MNN, takes a more in-depth look at environmental issues, offering some lighter content as well. All sorts of media from various blog posts to pictures to videos to quizzes are provided. MNN organizes its content into eight topics, ranging from lifestyle to environmental news to technology.

If you are especially interested in the technology aspect of environmental issues, MNN is one of our favorite green tech blogs. It possesses a wealth of information online regarding green living for anyone willing to take the time to find and read it.

  1. TreeHugger

The time that is spent on trees is ever time wasted. People hardly use the term “tree hugger” in the most favorable light, but the blog embraces the expression. TreeHugger has been around since 2004, playing a vital role in the launch of green living blogs into the mainstream.

TreeHugger virtually covers every conceivable sustainability topic, from lifestyle to business to design to technology. It surely strives to be a one-stop shop for everything green.

  1. Eco Warrior Princess

Jennifer Nini is deeply connected in the sustainability community and has been passionate about blogging on ethical fashion since 2010. Her site Eco Warrior Princess talks about a range of various topics from thrifting tips to closet organization, political activism and organic food.

The writing is spot on, living what she writes. Stopping by her site will provoke you a little bit into action. In addition, you can as well catch the Eco Warrior Princess on Podcast for further inspiration!

  1. Green Steve

Green Steve, self-described as “average Joe,” blogs about reducing his carbon footprint to zero, and other various other environmental topics. He strategically involves lessening his impact in any way within his means, then goes ahead to offset the rest of his carbon emissions.

On the Green Steve blog, you can access posts about business, lifestyle, politics and other areas which relate to sustainability. Detailed reviews of eco-friendly products and blogs on recent environment-related news are also availed here.

  1. EarthEasy

EarthEasy is a partial collection of curated eco-friendly goods, which was founded in 2000. Being part blog, the blog section features articles on various topics such as the green lifestyles, wellness and health, and living off the grid. The blog as well offers some features on several how-to guides used to jumpstart a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. The guides usually cover everything from food to gardening to clothing.

The second section of the website is a collection of curated products which encourages you to live greener. EarthEasy has been planting trees for every item people have ordered through its site as well as the partners for carbon offsets, with TerraPass.

  1. Inhabitat

Designer Jill Fehrenbacher founded Inhabitat in 2005, focusing on technology, architecture and design, and as well providing regular updates on the most updated environmental news. Inhabitat covers innovative design, making our lives more interesting.

  1. EcoCult

EcoCult concentrates on travel and fashion. The green living blog focuses on New York City, being that the founder lives there. Beyond the mainstays of travel and fashion, the blog as well covers food, beauty, home, and wedding information.

A lot of practical resources and tips for those interested in the various topics it covers are also provided. It as well possesses a database of sustainable fashion brands to shop.

It has been said that he who loves to plant trees loves others other than himself. With ecological sustainability and climate change being one of the biggest challenges in this generation, going green has never been more critical. Because as wired as we are, or tough, we need all the help which we can get.

Fortunately, blogs have arisen which provide both ideal content and practice focusing on issues such as sustainability, global warming, as well as the green living. These blogs are now famous online and plentiful, and the highlight above on the seven best eco blogs you need to follow will be of much help. The environment is where we all meet; where we all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share, and this can be through the blogs.


3 Biggest Mistakes in Investment

Investing is a big buzzword nowadays and it’s almost impossible not to get into one form of it or another. Having an investment feels like being more financially secure, but not many know that it could also put you at high financial risk. Before you make your first investment, let’s see what the 3 biggest mistakes in investment are.

Worst Things to Invest In

Before you decide what to invest in, let’s talk about what you should not invest in. Why is there a list like this, you may ask? It’s because there are entities that provide dead investment opportunities. Here are the three biggest investment no-no’s:

  1. Pyramid schemes

A pyramid scheme, which is different from a multilevel marketing business, is when you are asked to invest money and expect returns by inviting more people to invest money. There is no product. Just promises of return on investment through recruitment in sequential order. Remember, no product, no fiduciary obligation, no investment.

  1. Fake gold markets

There is a trend going on that says we should invest in gold. What people don’t understand is that means you should buy gold directly from suppliers accredited by your country’s department of treasury. Buying the idea of gold is not the same as buying gold itself. You can buy shares of gold from a gold mine. However, you should not buy gold from a company that promises that they have gold.

  1. Any stock option that requires financial education

These types of investments are the types that pose high risks and no returns. Check out this list and avoid them at all costs:

  • Penny stocks
  • Commodity Futures
  • Tax shelters
  • Digital currencies
  • Alternative investments
  • Collectibles
  • Binary options

It is best to look over dissertations, essays, and articles that have been peer-reviewed to find out more about these bad investment opportunities.

Best Things to Invest In

Now, let’s see what you should invest in. These are just three of your best options, but there are so many more that you could look into:

  1. Retirement funds

These types of investments allow you to reap the rewards once you retire. You can retire early if you want to, but prolonging the growth of your fund means getting more out of your investment in the future.

  1. Real Estate

This requires a bit of research on your part, but the best investment is a home that you will own. It will also be part of your list of assets. If you have more to spend, you can invest in buying real estate for profit (flipping houses, rentals, etc.)

  1. Small to medium-sized enterprises

Businesses will never go out of style. You just need to invest in a product or service that will be needed forever. Do your research and invest in businesses or start your own. Make sure you are dedicated to making it work, even if it’s a side business so you can get the best return on your investment.

Biggest Mistakes in Investment

Now for the biggest mistakes anyone can make when investing:

  1. Too good to be true investments

If anyone tells you, invest $100 and you will get $300 back immediately. No one can multiply the money that fast unless it is illegal. When someone offers something that is too tempting and not trustworthy enough, run the other way.

  1. Investing without knowledge

Someone may offer to teach you about a certain investment opportunity, but you are better off learning about this opportunity on your own. Look at public income disclosure records. Check for business registrations, customer complaints, and more when you are thinking of investing.

  1. Investing your life savings

Your savings are not your investment fund. You should have a separate investment savings account in your bank if you plan on multiplying your money. Savings are for rainy days. Without it, you will have to declare bankruptcy and homelessness if your investment does not pan out.

Take care of your money and avoid the money traps we mentioned at all costs. Don’t make these investing mistakes so you can live a financially secure life. So now you know why investment is important and how to make it right so now you maybe interested in this importance of saving money essay, because if you have money you totally need to know how to keep them.

What did the Great Depression reveal about the American economic system?

What did the Great Depression reveal about the American economic system? How did the New Deal change American society and government?

An economic crisis can either strengthen or crumble a government and its people depending on the sequential steps taken. It can be characterized by a lot of confusion that requires firm leadership to steer through. It often calls for reforms and informed economic decisions need to be injected either directly or indirectly. An analysis of Great Depression reveals significant aspects that led to it and the impacts that the New Deal had on Americans and their style of leadership.

The Great Depression revealed that Americans were saving more money than they should have. When there is a decline in employment, the acutest response for an ordinary person would be to keep the money in their possession for more terrible days ahead. Little money was thus spent to buy essential products manufactured in the industries. Excessive or lack of money supply in the economy has diverse effects on the economy. For instance, too much money circulation results in saturation that deteriorates the value of assets. On the other hand, a deficiency in money supply causes the prices of assets to shoot up. Therefore, the firm saving culture adopted before the depression resulted in the value of stocks in the market to rise. However, the prices of the goods that were not being consumed declined and typically, manufacturers incurred massive losses.

The depression exposed the increased panic that pressured Americans who had invested their savings in the stocks exchange to sell their shares. Whenever there is an increase in the supply of a product that does not measure up to the demand, it loses its value. Before the stocks exchange collapsed, more people wanted to dispose of their stocks, yet few investors were willing to buy. The lack of a balance between demand and supply crumbled the market. Notably, the gold standard that required all countries to utilize a fixed currency exchange helped to ease the pains of the depression by spreading the effects to other nations.

Clearly, the losses from the stocks exchange crisis disabled the people by robbing them of their purchasing powers. That means that the already declining industries cannot make cash sales and farmers lack resources to harvest crops. Therefore, the economy was entirely immobile since money, goods, and services were not being exchanged. The crisis showed that banks thrive where there is a constant exchange of money across all the sectors of the economy. Contrary to that, there was stagnation where businesses were not making sales since most people were unemployed. Due to lack of resources, depositors would demand their money from banks (Bernake pg. 27). Unfortunately, debtors were not able to repay back loans lend to them. Therefore, this lack of money flow crippled banks forcing their closure.

After the New Deal, jobs were created through various projects initiated by the government (Higgs pg. 556). The population’s buying power was restored through employment. When individuals earn an income, they become liberated from poverty and can afford a decent life. A reasonable flow of money from employees to business and banks stabilize an economy. America felt the need to stabilize its military after increased instability in the region. During an economic turmoil, individuals develop differing opinions that group them. For example, an extremist political movement sprouted in Germany and stirred up war. Therefore, it was necessary for America to invest in an active military as it headed towards its potential economic glory.

Unemployment insurance and matters of social security were introduced after the New Deal. The welfare of the people was prioritized and institutionalized. Indeed, lessons were learned during the tough times of depression. The securities exchange matters were regulated by a mandated body to cushion it from possible manipulations in the future. Pension funds would be available for old people and insurance for unemployed individuals. The government protected people’s deposits in banks and farmers received government supports. The federal government cultivated a favorable environment for the people to thrive economically, socially, and politically.

The faith of the American people in the government was restored after the New Deal. The head of state invested in continually speaking to the citizens and reassuring them that their glory would be restored. Indeed, his strategies worked to recover a crashing economy, protect the people’s welfare, and offer them employment opportunities. Unlike previous times, the state became more involved in the affairs of its people.

The role of women after the New Deal was redefined differently from how it had been perceived for decades. In the new age, they accessed equal opportunities as men and were allowed to lead in the society (Ware pg. 65). Discriminative policies were scrapped henceforth. It is significant that this deal brought about empowerment of women because their contribution to society is immense. Women in leadership represent the needs of the family unit, which would suffer in their absence.

The Great Depressions is a source of revelations about the shortcomings of the American economic system at the time. A detailed analysis of the situation reveals that panic caused citizens to make decisions that brought an imbalance in the magnitude of demand and supply of various drivers of the economy. However, the New Deal brought relief to people’s economic, social, and political lives through increased government involvement.

Measuring The Economy

The National Income and Product Accounts (NIPAs)

How fast is the economic growth? Is it slowing down or speeding up? How does the deficit of trade impact the growth of the economy? What is happens to the spending patterns of services and goods in the market? In answering such questions concerning the economics, policymakers, as well as economists, focus on the National Income and Products Accounts(NIPAs) (United States, 2006). The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) collects major economic components’ data and produces the NIPAs that is found on their website ( Therefore, NIPAs is described as an economics accounts’ set that provides the output composition and value information that is produced in the United States at a given time.  Besides, NIPAs features the gross domestic product (GDP), that measures the generated value of the services and goods. Nevertheless, NIPAs can be used in determining the number of consumers as well as suppliers; hence, the current state of an economy.

Current US Economy

Currently, the economy of the United States seems to be emerging from a considerable turmoil period. A mix of economic factors such as low rates of interest, financial sector extreme risk-taking, massive mortgage lending, government tax regulations, and high indebtedness by the consumers, caused a significant recession in the year 2008 (United States, 2006). However, despite encountering such challenges at the domestic level in line with a growing transforming global economy, the U.S economy remains to be the most significant as well as largest economy globally. According to the BEA, the United States economy reflects almost 20% of the total output in the world; therefore, still larger compared to that of China. Moreover, the IMF shows that United States has a per capita GDP of $18,569 billion such that it is ranked as the sixth highest per capita economy globally. Also, the U.S economy involves services industry that is highly advanced technologically as well as developed. According to the BEA, the economy happens to be dominated by the organizations that are services-oriented in sectors like financial services, technology, retail, and healthcare among others.

The BEA uses the income versus the expenditure approach in determining the US GDP. Therefore, the BEA establishes that the current deficit of accounts is mirrored by a surplus in the capital accounts. The net received capital inflows amounts in the US from the foreign market facilitates the countries’ possibility in financing the current account deficit (United States, 2006). Since foreigners continue investing in the US economy, the US position for the net international investment has been continuously growing. For example, BEA establishes that almost 80% of the US FDI is just generated from nine developed countries.

US Real GDP from the Second Quarter 2017

The graph above presents the current GDP analysis in the US. According to the BEA’s released “third” estimate, the real GDP increases at a 2.9% annual rate in the second quarter of the year 2017 compared to a 2.7% GDP increase in the first quarter (United States, 2006). Also, the real GDP average as well as the actual GDI, an alternative approach of the US economic activity that weights both GDI and GDP, faced a 3.0% increase in the second quarter, contrary to a 2.0% percent increase in the first quarter.

Such GDP increase in the second quarter mainly reflected positive participations from the exports, private investment inventory, PCE, spending by the federal government, and the fixed non-residential investment that had been slightly offset by the negative participations from the fixed residential investment as well as the expenditure by both local and state governments. As a result, the subtracted imports from the GDP calculation increased (United States, 2006). The current GDP dollar rose by 4.1% ($192.3 billion in the second quarter to a $19,250.0 billion level. Also, in the first quarter, the current GDP dollar increased by 3.3% ($152.2 billion).

Inflation & Deflation

Inflation can be defined as an increase in price while deflation is a decrease in price. However, both inflation and deflation are measured through two primary price indexes: The Consumer Price Index and the Producer Price Index. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) measures the changes in prices in the consumer services and goods such as food, gasoline, automobiles, and clothing (United States., Federal Depository Library Program, United States., & United States, 2000). Therefore, the CPI significantly measures the changes in price from the purchaser’s perspective. Contrarily, the Producer Price Indexes (PPI) measures the change over time average in the prices that sell the domestic goods’ and services’ producers. Therefore, PPI is used in measuring the changes in price on the seller’s perspective. However, the two inflation measuring approaches provide investors with an understanding level of the economy; therefore, assisting in the investors’ decision-making.

Current US Inflation and Deflation Position

Year over year, the core rate of inflation in the US was 1.7%, below the 2.0% target by the Fed. Prices have increased by 0.4%. For example, the costs for gas have risen by 6.3% over the last five years. As a result, the forecast for the oil price has boosted the prices on an increased demand basis. Contrary, supply happens not to be growing, albeit the competition between the United States producers of shale oil as well as the OPEC (United States., Federal Depository Library Program, United States., & United States, 2000).  Also, the trucks’ used cars’ prices have declined by 0.2% and have not impacted the transport services, that has increased by 0.45%. The medical care costs have also increased by 0.2% since the commodities of medical care have risen by 0.1%.


Every month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics provides data concerning the current employment situation in the news release (“Employment Situation”). The data is collected from two separate surveys. The first study is the Current Population Survey (CPS) while the other is known as the Employment Statistics Survey (CES). However, such data is essential since it serves as a significant labor market strength indicators and it provides a country’s economy early snapshots.

Current US Employment Rate

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the US unemployment rate has declined by 0.2% to 4.2% in September 2017. As a result, the unemployed individuals has decreased by 331,100 to 6.8 million. Also, based on the principal working groups, the rates of unemployment for the adult men (3.9%) as well as the Blacks (7.0%) has decreased in September 2017 (Russek, Blom, & United States, 2005).  Also, the adult women unemployment rates (3.9%), Whites (3.7%), teenagers (12.9%), Hispanics (5.1%), and Asians (3.7%) reflected little change. However, the amount of the individuals who were long-term unemployed (unemployed for more than 27 weeks) was significantly unchanged at 1.7million; hence, accounting for a 25.5% of those jobless. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also shows that ration of the employment-population raised by 0.3% to 60.4% in September 2017; therefore, rising by 0.6% over the last 12 months. At 63.1%, the participation rate by the labor force little changed during September; thus, reflecting little movement in the year 2017.


A large number of companies have become disenchanted with the markets in the global space as they are being saturated. They are left to answer questions on how they can customize their products to meet the new demands and the new items in demand by the consumers (Levitt 1). Most organization are discouraged by the increasing competition in the international markets. The rapid advancement in technology has resulted in an increased demand for products and services due to the increased spread of information globally. It results in the development of international markets and hence the demand for standardized products and services for consumers.

The international marketplace has been characterized by increased smuggling of used vehicles, electronic gadgets, western-made clothes, pirated music and movies and cosmetics. They are moved to places attributed as primitive and where these products do not reach. In Iran, there was an uprising of fashionable men thirsty for blood with western made modern weapons. Soldiers in the Biafra war were seen carrying blood swords and bottles of Coca-Cola (Levitt 1). The above activities evidenced the existence of thriving underground trade. It was a characteristic suggesting the desire by global markets to secure advanced products and services for minimum and lower costs.

An organization that reduces its prices and increases its reliability and quality with the maintenance of suitability of the consumer would thrive in the global market with an increase in customers. Large companies in a bid to adapt to this principle develop product lines and many channels for distribution instead of developing a single version of a product (Pettinger 1). This is due to differentiation in local, neighborhood, regional, and ethnic variances in the metropolitan regions. Global markets have increasingly become subject to the aspect of price in the demand of equivalents.