Seven Best Eco Blogs You Need to Follow

By | 08/17/2019

Putting your blog out into the world and being hopeful that your talent will speak for itself can be a huge challenge. Being aware of your target audience is a big part of making a successful blog, always keeping them at the forefront of your mind. The best eco blogs understand the lifestyle and what people are looking for.

So many famous bloggers have said some exciting things, but there is something about those that continuously live out the ideals of the ecosystem. We are naturally following dozens of blogs on a range of various topics, but having been set to find the ones who are sharing practical insights on how to change the world around us and live out sustainability through simple daily decisions will prove very resourceful.

Such eco blogs include topics like sustainable living, ethical fashion, organic and healthy food tips, and advice for activists, recipes and much more! Below is a list of the seven best blogs you need to follow to give you valuable inspiration, advice, and as well motivating you to take action and start.


  1. Mother Nature Network

Mother Nature Network, or MNN, takes a more in-depth look at environmental issues, offering some lighter content as well. All sorts of media from various blog posts to pictures to videos to quizzes are provided. MNN organizes its content into eight topics, ranging from lifestyle to environmental news to technology.

If you are especially interested in the technology aspect of environmental issues, MNN is one of our favorite green tech blogs. It possesses a wealth of information online regarding green living for anyone willing to take the time to find and read it.

  1. TreeHugger

The time that is spent on trees is ever time wasted. People hardly use the term “tree hugger” in the most favorable light, but the blog embraces the expression. TreeHugger has been around since 2004, playing a vital role in the launch of green living blogs into the mainstream.

TreeHugger virtually covers every conceivable sustainability topic, from lifestyle to business to design to technology. It surely strives to be a one-stop shop for everything green.

  1. Eco Warrior Princess

Jennifer Nini is deeply connected in the sustainability community and has been passionate about blogging on ethical fashion since 2010. Her site Eco Warrior Princess talks about a range of various topics from thrifting tips to closet organization, political activism and organic food.

The writing is spot on, living what she writes. Stopping by her site will provoke you a little bit into action. In addition, you can as well catch the Eco Warrior Princess on Podcast for further inspiration!

  1. Green Steve

Green Steve, self-described as “average Joe,” blogs about reducing his carbon footprint to zero, and other various other environmental topics. He strategically involves lessening his impact in any way within his means, then goes ahead to offset the rest of his carbon emissions.

On the Green Steve blog, you can access posts about business, lifestyle, politics and other areas which relate to sustainability. Detailed reviews of eco-friendly products and blogs on recent environment-related news are also availed here.

  1. EarthEasy

EarthEasy is a partial collection of curated eco-friendly goods, which was founded in 2000. Being part blog, the blog section features articles on various topics such as the green lifestyles, wellness and health, and living off the grid. The blog as well offers some features on several how-to guides used to jumpstart a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. The guides usually cover everything from food to gardening to clothing.

The second section of the website is a collection of curated products which encourages you to live greener. EarthEasy has been planting trees for every item people have ordered through its site as well as the partners for carbon offsets, with TerraPass.

  1. Inhabitat

Designer Jill Fehrenbacher founded Inhabitat in 2005, focusing on technology, architecture and design, and as well providing regular updates on the most updated environmental news. Inhabitat covers innovative design, making our lives more interesting.

  1. EcoCult

EcoCult concentrates on travel and fashion. The green living blog focuses on New York City, being that the founder lives there. Beyond the mainstays of travel and fashion, the blog as well covers food, beauty, home, and wedding information.

A lot of practical resources and tips for those interested in the various topics it covers are also provided. It as well possesses a database of sustainable fashion brands to shop.

It has been said that he who loves to plant trees loves others other than himself. With ecological sustainability and climate change being one of the biggest challenges in this generation, going green has never been more critical. Because as wired as we are, or tough, we need all the help which we can get.

Fortunately, blogs have arisen which provide both ideal content and practice focusing on issues such as sustainability, global warming, as well as the green living. These blogs are now famous online and plentiful, and the highlight above on the seven best eco blogs you need to follow will be of much help. The environment is where we all meet; where we all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share, and this can be through the blogs.